Matt Whitewood - designer / director.
Designer / Director

Tine Milk

Winter Olympics


Norwegian folklore is brought to life in this illustrative spot for Tine Milk's 'Winter Olympics' campaign.

This collaborative project for Tine Milk, conceived and designed by Animasjonsdepartementet, developed by the Mill+ Studio and Directed by Martin Engh, displays a battle between the elements and Marit Bjørgen, the Norwegian cross-country skier. Our lead character encounters a series of deadly obstacles such as avalanches, wolves and trolls, synonymous with Norwegian folklore.

Taking influence from famous Norwegian illustrator, Theodor Kittelsen, we see the icy world brought to life by our team of Flash, Cinema 4D and After Effects artists.


Full Credits

Director: Martin Engh
Producer: Alex Finch
2D/3D Lead: Matt Whitewood
Art Director: Antar Walker
Compositing: Matt Whitewood, Shaun Leong-Williams
2D Cell Animation: Matt Partridge, Roly Edwards, Freya Barnsley
3D Artist: Jessica Tan
Matte Painting: German Casado
Concept Artist: Aurelien Ronceray
Illustrator: Charles Bigeast
Colourist: Mick Vincent